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World class beans, locally roasted to perfection.

World class beans, roasted locally to perfection. 


Legend states that a ninth century Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi was the first human to experience the magical joys of consuming the inaugural cup and bean of coffee. It is said that coffee originated in Ethiopia, where Arabica coffee grew and continues to grow wild. The Ethiopian word for coffee or bean is “buna” hence our name Buna Bean Coffee.

There are two commercially grown species of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is grown at a lower altitude and is considered a “bulk” coffee used in lower end coffee blends and in some espresso blends. It has a higher content of caffeine and is usually not used when blending Specialty Coffee.

Arabica, on the other hand, is grown at a higher altitude and is considered a superior bean for roasting. About 75% of the world’s total production of coffee is Arabica. Of that 75% of Arabica only 10% is considered worthy to be called Specialty Coffee.

Buna Bean Coffee is all about Specialty Coffee that has been hand roasted to bring out the best characteristics of each single country origin coffee we roast. Specialty Coffee usually does not have to be blended with other coffees because its aroma and specific taste characteristics are great by themselves.

All Buna Bean’s coffee is hand picked and cupped to make sure you are experiencing what we think is the best cup of single origin coffee on this planet.


Bolivian - Intense flavor, above average acidity, medium body, smooth finish, impeccably clean.

Brazilian (SSFC) – This coffee has low acidity with a nutty, soft finish and above average body. Sao Paulo region, grown at 1300 meters.

Colombian Decaf (MC) – This coffee is well balanced with good body, acidity and flavor. The decaffeination process used is methylene – chloride which retains Colombia’s unique flavor profile and sweetness. Huila region, grown at 1800 meters.

Colombian Supremo – This full bodied coffee is clean, balanced and rich in acidity. Popayan region, grown at 1700 meters.

Costa Rica - This coffee has big, clean flavors with a bright to rich acidity and a full body.

El Salvador - This coffee has a delicate acidity, sweet flavor with above average body.

Ethiopian Limu - Smooth acidity, well balanced, very much an African coffee profile. Winey with nice floral notes, medium body, nice finish.

Ethiopian Sidamo - This coffee is heavy bodied, fruity, and wine-like with some wild notes (such as blueberry). It has a low acidity and a nice but wild finish.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – This coffee has floral and citrus tones with nice acidity and body. It is balanced and exotic. Yirgacheffe region, grown at 1800 meters.

Guatemalan – This coffee has distinct floral notes with sweetness and intense acidity.It has a medium body with a balanced finish. HueHuetenango region, grown at 1800 meters.

Kenyan Peaberry – This coffee has floral and fruity notes with a wine like acidity and sweetness in the finish. Nyeri region, grown at 17-1800 meters.

Mexican Altura – This coffee has a bright and nice acidity with sweetness and above average body. Coatepec region, grown at 1600 meters.

Panamanian Boquette – This coffee is bright and well balanced with sweetness and hints of fruit. Boquette region, grown at 1400+ meters.

Papua New Guinea - An Indonesian coffee, a light medium roast, smooth tasting and well-balanced.

Sumatra – This coffee has an earthy, heavy bodied flavor with low acidity and a nice finish. North Sumatra region, grown at 1400+ meters.

Tanzanian Peaberry - Rich aroma; wild, earthy flavor.


Bluebonnet House Blend – Simple and flavorful, as the name describes the beautiful spring flower, the taste of this coffee is pleasing to the palate. No need for sweetener or cream.

Breakfast Blend - The perfect blend of coffee to wake you up and get your day started on the right foot. Smooth but not too bold; flavorful and not bitter.

Polka Java – This play on words (the original is called mocha java) is a traditional blend that combines the smooth body of an Indonesian coffee with wine and wild fruit flavors of coffee from where coffee originated – Ethiopia. Ennis, Texas is known as the Polka capital of the United States, hence the inspiration for the name.

Road Rash - Good balance, sweetness, smooth with medium body. Great before your daily ride or relaxing afterwards. Keeps you energized and ready for more roads to conquer.

Sugar Skull - This blend is delicate and smooth with subtle chocolate notes. Great any time of day.


Buna Bean Espresso - Rich aroma, dark chocolate roasted flavor, delicate with low acidity.

Derailer - Smooth, mildly acidic, full-bodied. Very easy to drink - not your typical burnt espresso.

Dia De Los Muertos - A blend of Central American, South American and Indonesian coffees. Lots of chocolate flavor with smooth sweetness; medium acidity.

Midnight Espresso - A blend of Ethiopian coffees and Central American coffees with lots of chocolate and sweetness. Hints of almonds; not too heavy, smooth. Medium dark roast.

Sugar Skull - This blend is delicate and smooth with subtle chocolate notes. Great any time of day.

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