Buna Bean Coffee

World class beans, locally roasted to perfection.

World class beans, roasted locally to perfection. 

Meet the Roasters: Jess and Brenda Haupt

The story begins in our garage in Ennis, Texas. Our passion for beer brewing, wine making and cooking spilled over to a desire for a freshly roasted cup of coffee. It was in this very garage that our first pound of coffee was roasted, cooled and brewed. The aroma was heavenly and the flavor – divine. Naturally, we shared our roasted beans with family and friends and when the requests for more became a market demand, Buna Bean Coffee was born.We are dedicated to producing the freshest, most flavorful coffee that is hand roasted in small batches.

Our mission is to roast for you the best tasting coffee money can buy using quality beans that are fresh. We source beans from all over the globe that have been cupped to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Whether you are searching for single country origin coffees, one of our unique and incredible blends, or your own custom blend (see “Buna’s Beans” section for details on this exciting option), rest assured you are drinking the pinnacle of perfection.

So welcome to our site. Come in, browse around, and if you have a question or simply want to discuss our offerings, please call us at 972-872-BUNA (2862). Happy brewing!

1505 Oak Grove Road
Ennis, Texas 75119
Telephone: (972) 872-BUNA

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